Natural stones, such as granite and marble, have been used for flooring and countertop material in high-end homes for its beauty and elegance. However, even though it is very durable, scratch and heat resistant, it has other inherent less desirable characteristics.

They are naturally porous and are prone to staining by oils, acids and some cleaning products, especially if they are not properly sealed or resealed periodically. It also contains tiny pits and natural fissures that may appear to be cracks, although these are inherent features. Natural stones are also subject to tone variation and it is not easy to achieve smooth transition in the range of shades when it is used in large areas.

An alternative to natural stone is engineered quartz stone which is also durable but without the less desirable characteristics of natural stone.

Quartz is a naturally occurring silicate mineral composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is one of the most common and available minerals on the earth’s surface.

Quartz ranks 7.0 on MOH (Measurement of Hardness) scale, behind topaz (8.0), sapphire (9.0) and diamond (10.0). Granite is ranked 6 on the scale (Refer to Chapter 1, page 16 for MOH scale range, which is used to gauge the scratch resistance of a material).


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